15 & 16
OCT 2024

15 & 16
OCT 2024

Overcome staff shortages and find a better way of working with Brigad

Brexit, COVID-19, mounting inflation and rising costs… These challenges have given the hospitality industry a hard go of it of late, especially in sourcing talented and qualified workers. Paired with the perception of hospitality as a difficult industry with long hours and low pay,  it’s no wonder that many hospitality businesses are struggling to attract and retain talent.


Enter Brigad. We are a mission-driven company, committed to making work attractive and accessible to all.

Transforming the future of work

Brigad is an app that enables hospitality businesses to connect directly with qualified, hospitality freelancers for short-term work. Since 2016, we have empowered thousands of hospitality businesses across London, Birmingham, and Manchester to easily reinforce their teams with self-employed hospitality professionals when they find themselves lacking support. 

Businesses looking for temporary staff simply need to select the role to be filled and provide the relevant details - the mission will then be sent to qualified freelancers with the required skills. 

For hospitality freelancers, Brigad provides them with an opportunity to find the freedom to flourish and pursue their passions, whilst also creating a fulfilling career for themselves.

Embrace the blended approach

 Freelance jobs are ever-evolving, and freelancers must deliver quality and reliability in order to ensure longevity in their business venture. This extra drive is incredibly important in industries where a general lack of motivation invariably leads to lower-quality service and delivery.

Of course, the aim is not to completely replace your existing salaried staff with freelancers. Quite the opposite. Every business needs a permanent team that knows the place like the back of its hand, but finding dependable extra staff to complement the team at periods of exceptionally high demand can be tricky. 

Brigad gives the same advice to every business we support: recruit and train a permanent team that knows your business best, and when you need to, call for backup from a talented self-employed professional. These individuals bring a new injection of energy and passion about their career or craft, and are experienced enough to gel with existing teams for a short time to help with staff shortages.


Easy, convenient and responsive

In the hospitality industry, every second saved is important. Brigad’s tech is powerful, yet very simple to use - missions can be posted in less than three minutes. Calling in an experienced freelancer who can hit the ground running will also save you precious time. To have access to Brigad, all freelancers undergo a strict vetting process; only 13% of freelancers who register for the platform pass.

 The fact that there are no middlemen means that efficiently finding backup if and when you need it, even at the last minute, is possible. 80% of missions are accepted in less than 2 hours. 

 In addition, Brigad looks after all your admin and paperwork. Contracts, invoices and insurance documents are automatically and securely generated and can be easily exported, leaving you more time to care for your customers.


Join Brigad

Ready to boost your team with the support of qualified, talented freelancers? Visit our website, create an account, and post your first mission: https://www.brigad.co/


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