15 & 16
OCT 2024

15 & 16
OCT 2024

The Ethical Spirits & Co.: Redefining Distilling with Sustainability and Hidden Gems

The Ethical Spirits & Co. is revolutionizing the distilling industry as the world's first conscious distillery that transforms discarded materials into valuable spirits, embracing the concept of a circular economy. Guided by our company philosophy of "Starring the Hidden Gem," we believe in harnessing the untapped potential of overlooked resources to create extraordinary products that redefine the boundaries of distilling. 

At the heart of our philosophy is the LAST series, a collection of our best-selling spirits. This series embodies our commitment to sustainability by utilizing sake kasu (sake lees) that would otherwise go to waste after the sake-making process. By reusing and repurposing these discarded materials, we breathe new life into them, extracting their full value and transforming them into exceptional spirits. It's a testament to our dedication to sustainability and the belief that no resource should be overlooked. 

In addition to the LAST series, we explore the potential of other unused materials in our craft gin production. For instance, we distill unconsumed beer and sake that were discarded due to the COVID-19 pandemic. By incorporating these materials into our spirits, we not only reduce waste but also create unique flavors that tell a story of resilience and adaptability. We also experiment with unconventional ingredients such as cacao husk, coffee grounds, and unripe fruits that cannot be sold in the market. These innovative creations truly embody the essence of The Ethical Spirits & Co. 

Over the past years, we have introduced LAST ELEGANT, specifically targeting European markets. To meet European standards, we developed larger 500ml bottles for this product. LAST ELEGANT has garnered significant recognition and acclaim in spirits competitions worldwide, with notable ratings that attest to its exceptional quality. Using The 2030 Calculator by Doconomy, we have also calculated a remarkable 21% decrease in carbon footprint compared to gins produced from neutral alcohol. This showcases our commitment to sustainability and demonstrates that exceptional taste and ethical practices can go hand in hand. 

The success of LAST ELEGANT has been further solidified through positive reviews and feedback received at various trade fairs. In 2022, we successfully exported a total of five pallets of LAST ELEGANT to France and Italy, a remarkable achievement compared to zero bottles exported to European countries in the previous year. This export success not only reflects the growing appreciation for our spirits but also highlights the global demand for ethical and sustainable products that prioritize both quality and environmental consciousness.

The Ethical Spirits & Co. is at the forefront of a new era in the distilling industry, championing sustainability, innovation, and the pursuit of extraordinary flavors. Through our commitment to harnessing the potential of discarded materials and our dedication to ethical practices, we are reshaping the narrative of distilling. Join us on this remarkable journey as we continue to push boundaries, challenge norms, and craft exceptional spirits that embody the essence of The Ethical Spirits & Co.


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