15 & 16
OCT 2024

15 & 16
OCT 2024

The New Landscape of European Leisure & Hospitality

The European leisure and hospitality sector, amidst its picturesque venues, has always been the epitome of rich culture and tradition. However, the industry saw a seismic shift in recent years due to unforeseen global events and rapid technological advancements in service robotics.

The Delivery Zone

As delivery services gained momentum, the Delivery Zone at the Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo emerged as a pivotal sector, dedicated to innovative packaging and cutting-edge delivery methods. It's the cornerstone for restaurateurs and businesses eyeing a diversified delivery model, efficiently blending the old with the new.

The Argument for Table Service

A paradigm that came to the forefront during the pandemic was table service. Simon Turton of Hand Crafted Drinks Magazine shared an enlightening personal account of the joys of table service post-lockdowns. Instead of the hustle and bustle of queuing at bars, the ease of having service right at the table brought about a heightened level of relaxation. And it wasn’t just about convenience. The intimacy and attention of table service, from safeguarding one's belongings to prompting additional orders, presented an arguably superior business model.

Some big chains started leveraging technology, introducing apps to streamline orders. Yet, there's a budding sentiment that maybe it's time to revert to the fundamentals: Why not have staff tend to each table directly, enhancing customer experience? It's a sentiment driven by personal experiences rather than hard data, but the implication is clear - table service might just be the catalyst for boosting sales and enhancing the dining atmosphere.

Drawing a parallel in the café domain, the queue-based self-service model prevails primarily due to cost-cutting on staff. However, a blended approach, where table service caters to those dining in and separate queues serve takeaway patrons, could elevate the experience while potentially increasing profits.

The old adage "The customer is king" echoed in many establishments, but modern times often make patrons feel less regal and more like another number in line. This calls for a reshaping of the hospitality ethos.

Bear Robotics - A Fusion of Tradition & Technology

Enter Bear Robotics, the frontrunner in autonomous service robots. Integrating this technology with the revived love for table service could usher in a renaissance for European hospitality. Recently, a prominent 5-star hotel in London has harnessed the power of Bear Robotics for assisting servers with food running and table bussing, painting a picture of Europe's future – a blend of technology and human-centric services.

The Best of Both Worlds

Europe's leisure and hospitality sector stands at a crossroads. While it's essential to adopt new technologies like Bear Robotics for delivery, it's equally crucial to remember the age-old charm of personal touch through services like table waiting. The harmonization of the two could set the stage for a brighter and more prosperous future for the industry.

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